Regent’s Park & Marylebone Market

After three days of nonstop pouring rain and cold weather, it was a pleasant surprise waking up to day and seeing the sun shinning without a cloud in the sky. There are many farmers market’s in London all going on everyday with different things for sale from vintage records and clothes to fresh fish and buffalo milk. I had heard of a small market in north London called the Marylebone market, running on Sunday mornings, that was more local than the rest of the markets and having a good selection of food. Having such good weather I decided to head over to the Marylebone Farmer’s Market and explore it for myself. The market had lots of farm fresh eggs and local produce along with organic meats and cheeses. There was also a good selection of sweets and pastries available. I got a slice of carrot cake and headed from the farmers market to nearby Regents Park to go enjoy it and soak up the rare sunshine.


Regent’s Park is a quite large park that has canals running around it and Queen Mary’s garden in the middle. There are also lots of open grassy sports fields where kids were scrimmaging in soccer and old men were playing cricket in the sunshine. The park is also home to the London Zoo on its outer edge. Regent’s park has a large lake where you can rent boats in the summer and cruise around the lake and float with all the ducks and swans in the waterfowl sanctuary.


Next to Regent’s Park is the town of Camden, the more punk section of London and home to another market and many pubs. Right across from the Camden Town tube station is The World’s End, a very large bar with too many rooms to count and several floors full of people snagging a drink on a sunday night. The inside was very intricate with lamps and decorations everywhere and assorted wallpapers different on every wall. There were at least four more bars inside and it seemed like the building just kept going on and on. The World’s End also shares the same name as the final pub in Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s apocalypse pub crawl film The Worlds End.



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