A Month in a Week’s Time

February 13th marks the one-month anniversary for my departure from the United States. While the actual 13th was a day filled with layovers and constant airtime, it was still a journey that  put me in a place of discomfort. Going abroad so far and for so long was something new, but I accomplished the end goal with favorable results. No Final Destination-esque accident occurred; a series I re-watched over and over in anticipation for the worst type of freak accidents that could have occurred.

January flew by, and that’s an understatement. My peers and I still talk about how much we’ve seen, done, and experienced, and yet it feels like its only been a week since we arrived. The numerous memories of getting lost in translation, or closing our eyes as we tasted strange looking  street food are still as vibrant and lively as when they occurred. But this phenomenon may have occurred because I have already picked favorite dishes/stands whenever my stomach grumbles.

From my personal perspective I was in a good place in January. I was never at a serious low point of depression, but I never also felt as if I were floating on the non-existent cloud 9. I feel like these equalized extremes have helped me appreciate and adapt to the culture here, rather then have manic episodes of cheese withdrawal (which has been an actual phenomenon within my group of friends).

While February may be off to a slow start given that it has been characterized so far by classes, I will be leaving for Krabbi Island tomorrow morning with my program. This location is known for its spectacular beaches, and I will be sure to take lots of pictures (and upload them once I figure out how to get them onto my computer) as I relax somewhere other then my apartment. I think all of my peers and I have been going crazy in the gender-seperated apartments and just need a time out with fresh air, as we had in the mountains and villages traveled beforehand.

I’m both happy and sad time seems to be going fast. Happy because I am having so much fun in this country and I hardly worry about things I’d obsess over in America. Sad, because the bittersweet ending  of the trip is approaching that much sooner. But as much as I love Thailand, I’m ecstatic about my experiences in Vietnam; something I have been thinking about every morning when I wake up.


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