Sherlock Holmes

After seeing the first two season’s of BBC’s Sherlock before arriving and having the newest third season start on my first day in London I couldn’t wait to see 221b Baker street in real life. Sadly where Sherlock lives in the TV show is not actually 221 Baker St. but 187 N Gower St. At the location of 221b Baker St. is the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the iconic door with the brass knocker. At 187 N Gower St. you can see the similar door to 221b and Speedy’s sandwich bar next-door as seen in the TV show.

igLdKyC0D17xFcOn the way to 187 N Gower St. I ran into two other Sherlock fans also looking for the infamous location. They came prepared wielding a Benedict Cumberbatch mask and were kind enough to let me take a photo with them. This will probably be the closest I will ever be to taking a photo with Sherlock.

FTBtJwzAfter seeing where Sherlock lived, just a short tube ride away, I found the location at the end of the second season where Sherlock jumps off the top of the building and “kills” himself in front of Watson. The location was at the historic St. Bartholomew’s hospital and was easy to identify from the episode.      9rA26vz9rA26vzEAVQuIxKkAhlGu1xM4ARz


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