48 hours in London

In the first two days I have now covered almost all means of public transportation that London has to offer. Taking the tube from the airport along with all my luggage was quite an experience as everyone riding at 7 am was either in business suits or in uniforms heading off to school. Sticking out like a typical American with my two suitcases and a backpack, I managed to make it to street level and walk a few blocks in the royal borough of Kensington to the residence where I will be staying for the semester. The bus system on the other hand is quite daunting at first sight with big red double deckers going in every direction and not stopping unless you risk your life reaching out in the street to hail one over. Since the London underground closes at midnight, myself and a group of friends  were forced to either choose a long cold walk back, taxi or the bus after a night in Soho. Riding N97 bus back to our residence we had help from some locals as to where to get off. On our bus ride, the local couple that helped us had a birthday that day so we fulfilled the typical American stereotype of being loud and sang happy birthday to them on the ride back. The couple enjoyed it but I’m not sure how the rest of the people on the bus felt.


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