New Beginnings: Preparing For My Semester In Israel

I’m so excited to begin my study-abroad adventures as I embark on my journey to Israel. Over the course of the next four months, I will be living and studying at Tel Aviv University, which is Israel’s largest university. I’ll be taking classes ranging from Israeli history to cinema along with an intensive Hebrew course (where I hope to become fairly fluent!). In my spare time, I plan to travel the country experiencing everything from camel rides to falafel sandwiches. Though I’ve been to Israel once before, my trip was rather short, and I only got a small glimpse of the magnificent country. I am thrilled to be going back two years later and cannot wait to be immersed in the daily culture.

With just one week left before I head out, I’ve cranked up the gears and am in full packing mode. With only two suitcases and a carry-on bag, the hardest part about preparing for my semester abroad in Tel Aviv is figuring out what to bring. In January and February, temperature’s are typically in the mid-60s during the day but can drop to the low-40s at night! However by March, most days will be 80 degrees and filled with sun. (Hello, beach weather!) Though I wish I could just bring my entire wardrobe along for the journey, I’ve had to do some serious down-sizing, bringing a little bit of everything with me. From jackets and boots to bathing suits and flip-flops, I will be fully prepared for anything that comes my way.

Aside from packing and getting all of my personal items intact, I’ve been spending lots of time with friends and family. Like me, some of my friends are also traveling abroad this semester. From Italy to Spain to a semester at sea, we’ll all be staying in touch through email and living vicariously through one another’s Facebook photos. I must admit though, leaving home and traveling halfway around the world for four months is a bit daunting. But, I am excited for the adventure and feel prepared to begin this new chapter of my life.

Now, a little bit about me. I am a junior at the University of Florida majoring in journalism and minoring in Jewish studies. I’m a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon at UF and carry my Gator pride with me wherever I go. My interests include: fitness, fashion, fro-yo and photography. With a love for snapping pictures and jotting down every moment, this blog will feature all of my favorite adventures during the semester.

With a trip from Maryland to JFK airport, an 11-hour flight to Israel and getting settled into my dorm on campus, I can’t wait to fill you in next week about my first days in Tel Aviv. Stay tuned for when I arrive. Shalom!


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