James: Spring in George Town

James Ort is a senior Sports Management major at the University of Florida, with minors in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. Although he has never studied abroad, he has sailed to the Bahamas the past two summers for four-five weeks, island hopping around the Abacos in a 24 foot racing sailboat with a three person capacity. The trips were purely for recreation and pleasure, but they have contributed to both the pursuit of his captain’s license, as well as his roommate’s independent study on tidal energy and design of a hydroelectric generator. James has also spent time in Puerto Rico. He previously organized a surf trip to the island for 38 travelers as well as backpacked and roamed around for 10 days with four other guys, sleeping in hammocks, abandoned houses, and remote beaches.

James Ort

James Ort

This spring, James is interning in the Cayman Islands on Seven Mile Beach as part of his degree requirement. He chose this location because of his love for the Caribbean and the water. James is a watersports enthusiast, a sailor, and a wakeboarder, and the Cayman Islands are the perfect location for all of his hobbies. The opportunity for networking and future residence in the islands also played a large part in his decision.

In his free time, James loves to wakeboard. He is President of the UF Wakeboard Club, which is ranked 1st in the country and hosted the 2013 USA Wakeboard Southeast Regional competition, bringing every collegiate wakeboard team in Florida to UF’s own Lake Wauburg. James also enjoys mountain biking, freediving, spearfishing, fly-fishing, surfing, and skydiving, as well as, photography, music, graphic design, and art, in general. Overall, he sees himself as someone who likes to pursue adventure and fun, while encouraging others to come along for the ride.


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