Cole: Spring in London

Cole Hovey

Cole Hovey

Cole Hovey is a second year Economics major at the University of Florida who is looking to concentrate in International Business and pursue an MAIB program in the near future. He has traveled abroad to Italy, driving from Rome through Tuscany and then out to the coast near Cinque Terre, on a family vacation after completing three years of Italian language study. He has also spent time in Scotland, visiting a family friend and traveling through the highlands and downtown Edinburgh.

This semester will be Cole’s first time studying abroad when he participates in the UF in London – Business/Internship program in England. He decided on this program because he enjoys English culture, and the program allowed for an internship along with studying abroad. Cole believes having real world experience internationally will help get his foot in the door for future internship opportunities as well as bring many great experiences. Being in London interested him because of its position as a global business hub and a melting pot of many different cultures in a large city. In his free time Cole’s hobbies include fishing, running and surfing. As a certified private pilot and son of a commercial pilot, he also enjoys flying airplanes.


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