Debbie: Spring in Jerusalem

Deborah (Debbie) Maciel is a third year Dance Performance major at the University of Florida with a passion for travel. She previously traveled to Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, and Monte Carlo for fun, and Peru and Brazil to visit family, most of whom live abroad. One of her fondest memories abroad was swimming through underwater caverns in Mexico.

Debbie Maciel

Debbie Maciel

This spring, Debbie will be studying abroad for the first time in Jerusalem, Israel at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. The opportunities and possibilities of modern dance in Israel are endless, and she has always been curious about dipping her foot in that sea. The Holy City in itself is filled with rich history, beautiful sights, and a curious mash-up of completely passionate people. The city is divided into three sections belonging to three different faiths who share the land due to a compromise many centuries old. Debbie is interested in Jerusalem’s spirit and complexities, and feels it is the perfect place for her to grow and study. In her free time, other than dance, she loves acting, singing, writing, painting, walking, observing, talking, listening, and rapping. Her main interest is life itself and her favorite hobby is adventure.


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