Two years ago, while I was taking a French 101 class, I couldn’t help but think how amazing it would be to study abroad in France for an entire semester. Well . . . after figuring out all the paperwork, deciding what clothes to bring for 4 months and having the nerve to miss out on Gator Football, I am finally in Paris!!

During the 9 hour flight from Miami, I made a list of some of the places I wanted to explore, all the things I wanted to learn, and all the stereotypes I had ever heard about France.

SAMSUNGI had the chance to visit the City of Light when I was 15 years old. With only four days and a lot of ground to cover, my family would wake up extremely early, have an enormous french breakfast and go from one museum to another. One could say it was a race against time, but it was those four days that motivated me to come back and learn the language.

While I know I wont come even close of becoming an expert of all that is Paris, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of French culture, politics and their fabulous cuisine. After two years of dorm life, I think I have completely mastered the techniques of Ramen Noodles and Hot Pockets and it’s time to move onto crepes and macarons.


Ready Paris

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