Pre-Departure Update

Hello all, and welcome to my blog! From now until late December/early January (depending), I’ll be covering my adventures studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This first post will be rather brief in nature, seeing as I leave for Orlando to catch my flight in about half an hour. While my actual program with Arcadia University does not begin for another week from this Wednesday, I will be spending the next nine days or so traveling from the south of England to Edinburgh in what is my last (and only) vacation before the start of the new semester.

I have fears, of course. The United Kingdom may be a few degrees shy of a third-world country, but being a lone woman in a foreign country for the first and extended period of time comes with its own baggage. I’ve also never blogged before; I don’t Facebook, Twitter, or really dabble in any social media in which I am writing as “myself.” A wonderful exercise in narrative, this is, but one of an importance that transcends mere blogging.

Oh, and did I mention I hate HATE flying? Because I do. Really, truly, and passionately do.

But mostly, I’m excited. Excited that I get to spend nearly half of a year in a country that I’ve dreamed of seeing; excited that I have to the courage to study abroad as I’ve dreamed of doing for years; excited that I managed to squeeze all of my belongings for said half a year into one luggage bag (what can I say, this is Big Deal).

So in short, I hope you all enjoy this journey as much as I do, and I will check in again sometime next week during orientation. See you on the other side of the pond!


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