A week and a half later

I have finally returned to the U.S and I am already missing the life I had over there. It might have been for 6 weeks but I fell in love. Despite all that I am glad to be home and see my friends, family and pets. As soon as i got to the states I realized I am experiencing some culture shock and I am comparing everything. When I got to the airport in Chicago I asked for a ‘lift’ instead of ‘elevator’. Oops, the employee was not happy and immediately corrected by replying ‘the elevator is over there’.
The culture shock is not as bad I suppose because I was only away for 6 weeks and by Monday i just wanted to come home. The only thing I now have to do is settle back in and not use terms that I had become accustomed to using. Now I can call ‘the chemist’ ‘the drugstore’ now. At least now I have the pictures, videos and memories all that I can remember while drinking my sweet iced tea or Iced coffee.


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