Hasta Luego mi bella Colombia

Chao mi querida Colombia! (Goodbye my beloved Colombia) It has been a little less than two months since I arrived in this country and now it is time for me to depart! I can hardly believe that so much time passed by. As I packed yesterday for my flight, I realized I did pack too much stuff and somehow my belongings doubled and one bag wasn’t enough space for all of it. I bought some clothes, jewelry, and gifts throughout my stay, and before I knew it, a few little things accumulated to a whole other luggage bag. Good thing my dad came two weeks ago, and he only brought one hand luggage bag, so he was able to check my extra one for no cost. He came to visit and take care of some business, and we flew back to Miami together today. Once again, I flew on stand-by and I was able to get on board! The last few days before the end, I took care of some last minute details and tasks on my summer to-do list. I drove to the university to get my certificate with efficacy, I carried out some requisitions for my mom and aunt in Miami, I got one of my two wisdom teeth taken out and I had to stay home for a couple of days in bed only reading and watching tv (it was a very painful experience), and I said goodbye to all of my family and friends through lunch and dinner dates. It’s always a bit hard to leave because you get attached to the environment: the people, the city, the culture more than you know it. I don’t know when I will be able to go back to Colombia so its even more disconsolate to pack and say goodbye when people ask you when they might see you again. I believed that people who are Colombian and live in the U.S. lose some sense of “Colombian-ness” as they immerse more into the American culture and leave behind the Colombian one. I was afraid that I was becoming one of those people, and after reconnecting with my heritage, I realized that you never lose the sense of who you are no matter how long you are away. The true essence of yourself always stays in your soul; and as I leave behind this beautiful scenery in the airport of Rionegro, I smile with felicity because I know that my heart will always harvest a piece of Colombia.


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