Irish goodbye

Friday was the last day for my program, it was a sad parting for all of us. We had gotten to know one another so well because we were only not together when we were sleeping essentially. I feel that I have made some lasting friendships and everyone is talking about returning next year, as well as visiting others in their home towns. This experience has been like no other for me. I now am sure what I want to do with my life (bioarchaeology), I’m very sad it had to end up now I get to hold back the sadness of it ending because I am spending a week traveling around the UK. I spent the day in Cardiff and am now headed to Cornwall for a couple of days. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to see some of Europe and to make lasting friendships. Trim (where I have lived for 5 weeks) felt like home to me, and I had gotten to love that small town. It may have been because of the people I was with but it is unfortunate that we are on different sides of the country. But at least we have technology to stay connected. Just like the Irish never say goodbye, we didn’t say goodbye to each other because we will meet again. It was only see you later. Just as it was for the town and country, I will return and maybe it won’t be to visit but to live there.


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