Getaway in Slovenia and Croatia

The previous week’s work days at the International Center for New Media were minimal. I didn’t do much, really.

I did the occasional emailing and database editing, but I finished my tasks fast. My internship guide was surprised to see that I finished within two hours when I should have taken the whole eight hours on Thursday.

I enjoy how relaxing and casual the place is. I was able to take Friday off, so I could go to Slovenia and Croatia. It was a mini vacation.

Our group of five rented an automatic car for about 120 euros, and it was only a four-hour drive to Piran, Slovenia. We left Salzburg around 6:30 p.m. Friday and arrived at the apartment in Piran around 10:30 p.m. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The next day we explored the coast. There wasn’t a single drop of rain and the sky was mostly blue. I realized how my sensitive my feet were when it came to walking on the pebbles.

Swimming in the Adriatic Sea was gratifying. I submerged into the cool water and swam to and fro for at least 30 meters each way. The clarity of the sea made me miss the water and swimming so much.

We spent Saturday in Piran and Portorose in Slovenia and Sunday was Rovinj in Croatia. The beach in Piran was filled with pebbles and stones while the beach in Rovinj, Croatia, was full of giant rocks. The euro to the kuna, the Croatian currency, was crazy. I exchanged 20 euros and got back 145 in kuna. I bought a mini magnet in the shape of a sailor that said “Croatia” on it and a necklace. I used the remaining money to purchase lemonade ice cream. Usually I’m frugal and would pass up the opportunity, but this time I was too tempted.

The food was amazing as well. I consumed 500 grams of baby blue mussels Saturday night. It took me a while because I was extracting the meat one-by-one. I even ate the leftover potato salad from two friends. It was then at this point I realized my appetite got bigger since I’ve been in Europe.

On our departing trip back, it was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. We played games – word associations and song games – and storytelling to pass the time. Laughter and joy filled the Volkswagen.

After more than 10 hours of traveling to other countries, buying a few souvenirs and getting sunburnt, I’m back in Salzburg. I’d say it was worth it.


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