Great Craic!

The title of this post means ‘Great Fun’. It is already week 3 and I find myself using Irish terminology and using some similar pronunciation. The accent although is easy enough to seemingly pick up because I never realized how similar it is to some of the pronunciation of certain words in Bahamian English. In Irish Gaelic the ‘h’ does not exist so many words that have the ‘th’ sound; those ‘h’s are not pronounced. Instead of ‘three’ ‘tree’ is said. So I am slowly reverting from my American English to my original Bahamian English.

Many of my roommates and I have been going to the pubs nearly every night and we have introduced beer pong to some of the locals. Which many have heard of in passing but never played it, they found it enjoyable. The one thing I love about pubs and bars here is that the idea is to not get drunk but to socialize. Many locals leave for the pubs around 8 and leave at midnight, now we have begun to follow that pattern.

Since we don’t have cars here we have been walking and utilizing the bus system on weekend trips.   I have found since we walk everywhere and are doing manual labour at the site we are gaining muscle and losing fat. I have not lost weight per se but I have gained a lot of muscle which I am happier about. I am very happy that I decided to spend my summer excavating because I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life. We are not allowed to disclose our exact findings on social media but I can say we have found some amazing and shocking things. I am sure I have said this before but it is amazing how I am helping to bring history out from below the ground. That I have a hand in the past, present and future; the past because I am taking out of the ground and the future because future generations will know about these findings and understand the history of humanity and their ancestors.


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