Australia Nostalgia

With my body finally back on American time, my mind is searching for Australian memories more than ever. I truly wish I had a longer study abroad experience — a 14-hour flight for a month-long trip just wasn’t enough!

Also after this month, I can officially recommend, now based on personal experience, studying abroad with the University of Florida to any student. Thanks to study abroad, I can say that I view the world just a little differently and am more open minded to other cultures (even when the same language is spoken).

I definitely pushed my limits and learned a lot about myself this month. Personal life mantras now include:

1. Take advantage of every second, every opportunity and never look back with regrets. (truly a definition of the program – carpe diem!)

2. Actually studying while abroad can be the key to engaging with class content and connecting with your professors (you might want to take another class with that professor or ask them for a recommendation in the future)

3. Passions and aspirations are different in other parts of the world (your’s might change while traveling abroad)

Looking forward: It seems more likely that I will be going back. This UF program has opened my eyes to employment opportunities abroad with touring company like AIFS or EF Tours. Year-long working visas are also a norm in Australia and a definite possibility for after graduation — I just have to buy my plane ticket.

Hoping I’ll be saying “G’Day Australia” in the near future! I hear New Year’s Eve in Sydney is a must!



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