Salzburg College Graduation


When I first saw the “water games” on the yellow calendar, I thought of Olympic-sized arenas that pitted human versus human. I imagined water trials that tested endurance, strength and versatility.

Until the day we went to the Hellbrunn Palace, which is south of Salzburg College.

It was our final group excursion. We went to explore the palace and see how Markus Sittikus and the other prince archbishops lived back in the day. Their living conditions were extravagant with dining hall and music room.

They were also very close to the water works.

We went to the water area and some of us sat down on the table. I noticed it was wet and had holes in the seat already. The tour guide explained some of the history behind the facility and soon, people who sat down got wet.

Water works

It was hysterical. This was when I realized: “Oh, that’s the water games.”

The moderator has an amazing job – he gets paid to give tours and operate machines to shoot water at people. After he was done with a stop, he would frantically hurt to another location to work a water machine.

There were a few spots I didn’t see on the ground or in the bushes and ended up getting splattered with H2O. Overall, it was a relaxing and joyful day.

Continuing with the week, Friday was the day where I officially finished the study part of the program. I finished my two presentations and did well on the German final. I was looking forward to the final concert later that day.

I was gleeful at the end of it. The friends I’ve made on this program warmed me up. I was able to see them at their best and watched their talents shine in front of 40 plus people. They all either sung classical, danced, played marimba or piano. I’m going to miss them.

As a final farewell, we went back to the college and celebrated with Champagne and snacks. Some of us took tons of pictures outside because it was stuffy inside with the host families and the students.

SC Graduation

The students who left this weekend received their certificate of completion with the program, but the interns (10) will be given theirs later. I remember the first two weeks I was overwhelmed, and now I’m thinking with a smile: “Everything turned out great in the end.”


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