Excavation on hold

I feel as though I am fully adjusted to the life here and I am having a blast at my field school. Although right now we are doing the basic excavating and not really finding much. I drew a plan up for a post medieval wall that was made after the friary was dissolved by order of King Henry VIII. I was able to use my artistic side which was exciting. This past week was easy because I had contracted the mumps the week before and was still somewhat recovering this week. I have had the MMR vaccine but I still caught it, it was a mild case but nonetheless it was not a good time. Officially I have healed and recovered so I can get back to excavating next week which I am excited to do, since I have been doing all the easy work.

Last weekend we just explored the town and took part in the Haymaking festival. This festival is a small town event but they go all out. I took part in a race called ‘rolling in the hay’ which is a timed course where you run through obstacles in a hay field. Despite us coming in third to last we all had a blast and we were told how our race was the most enjoyable to watch. At the festival they brewed their own alcohol called ‘potinthestill’; this is THE Irish drink. I was later told it is 160 proof, which I believe since I could feel the warmth in my esophagus for 15 minutes later. I saw my first donkey race which was interesting to say the least and the donkeys were adorable. They were the town donkeys. Yes this town has a set of donkeys that belong to the town. The locals are wonderful and I am befriending some.

We had a field trip today to Mellifont Abbey and to the location of the Battle of the Boyne. The Abbey was gorgeous even though it was in ruin and I took lots of pictures. The Battle of the Boyne was just tour in the visitor centre with very expressive mannequins and paintings of troops. One in particular had a sassy expression and he was the favorite.


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