Emotionally draining, yet fulfilling so far

Salzburg, Austria

A great deal of flooding occurred in Central Europe this weekend. We were supposed to arrive back in Salzburg by 8 p.m. but got delayed three hours. I saw people constructing barriers to block the floods. Some of the grassy areas are now swamplands. I wonder how it can rain for so long at times.

We went to Vienna on Thursday, but I didn’t enjoy the first two days because it was rainy, plain miserable. The city has reliable metros, which I’m thankful for. Friday night was a good one because we went to see Don Quixote, in ballet version. There were no voice acting, and the orchestra was the bloodline of the production. Saturday was a beautiful one in Vienna. It didn’t rain, and the sun was out for the entire day.

The free day (Saturday) was something I thoroughly liked. We had great company, basked in the sunlight and took time to absorb the scenery. It is days like this I don’t feel stressed or rushed having to take notes. It was a good pace because it allowed me to talk to locals/non-students.

Vienna, Austria

For example, nearby the concert hall, I walked over to a fountain to take a picture. I met a traveler who’s into photography. He told me about his story of wanting to invest in a fancier DSLR to snap pictures of waterfalls and fountains. I thought it was really cool he had a passion for those types of photographs.

Shifting to the academic side, I’m only taking three classes, but it feels like I’m taking four.

I’m enrolled in beginning German, understanding Austria and cultural business and marketing. Even though the essays aren’t bad (around 250 words), there is at least five to write each class. Plus I’m doing additional work and having weekly meetings for the internship in the second half of the summer. They said it was pretty intensive but wasn’t expecting this much of a workload.

Although it’s already been 16 days, I still feel overwhelmed. I probably need a whole month to adapt to this kind of lifestyle. I’m either at the college, at McDonald’s for Wi-Fi or at an excursion taking notes for an assignment. I haven’t had much time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. But, it’s gradually getting better, and I’ll be happy with what I have in the end.


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