The Mystery of the Great Barrier Reef

question mark

My photo of the Great Barrier Reef

Deep sea, located two and a half hours of the northern coast of Cairns, Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. Existing as the world’s largest and most diverse coral reef system the Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world. I was lucky enough to get to visit and snorkel this massive ecosystem. Brightly colored coral, barracuda, turtles… my eyes couldn’t believe themselves….and neither could my camera, which is why it decided to detach itself from its waterproof bag and join the fish. Though I may have lost my camera and photos, I haven’t lost my memory. I wish more than anything that I could share the amazing photos I took with all of you, but alas there is just no way. The experience will forever be in my heart and the semi-funny, semi-depressing story of the time I lost my camera in the Great Barrier Reef will forever be documented here.


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