Intense Countdown

308368_3879925032064_102736494_nCrista Wathen is a 3rd year Anthropology major focusing in Forensics and a Spanish minor at the University of Florida. Although Crista has traveled previously to Central America (to visit family), Canada and the Bahamas, this is her first time studying abroad. This summer, Crista will be participating in an archaeological dig in Trim, Ireland, where she will be excavating a 13th century Dominican Friary and the Blackfriary cemetery. Since Crista is interested in the paleopathology of of skeletal remains from the medieval period, this program’s focus on the osteological and bioarchaeological aspect of the dig will help prepare her for her future work. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, painting/crafting and swimming.

I have about a week until I go to Ireland for my study abroad. As I write this the countdown on my iPad says 8 days, 8 hours and 5 minutes. I have started packing to make sure I will be ready for those 6 weeks and the feeling of anxiety is sinking in. This is my first time going to Europe and going to a country where I have no friends or family waiting for me. Soon the battle to adjust to the jet lag will begin, through personal experiences I know of the best way to overcome is to set your sleep cycle to that of the time zone where you’re arriving. This feat will begin tomorrow. The first day and night I will be in Dublin then travel to Trim, the town where I will be participating in my field school.

I have been conducting research on the town I will be in as well as the monuments in the surrounding area, there is so much history. I have seen ruins that are hundreds of years old but it still brings about a sense of wonder. I will be walking in the halls and excavating the areas that people had walked on and conducted their daily lives during the 11th -13th centuries. It’s a bit surreal.

Although words cannot describe the array of feelings I have, there are so many but are not limited to anxiety and excitement. These past two weeks I have been trying to get everything settled over here so I won’t have to worry about much except making the most of my experience over there.

Well I guess that will be all for now. I will keep you updated when I arrive.


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