Goodbye Munich, Hello Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

had so much fun last weekend in Munich that I almost forgot the purpose of this program, to study abroad. The tours around Munich and Nuremberg and the family atmosphere of the group got to me.

The seriousness hit me when I went to my first class of the summer: beginning German. I wouldn’t have done the program had I known I would be taking a language course. I’ve studied French for three years in middle school, took four years of Spanish in high school and know a little Japanese, but it’s frustrating for me to learn a foreign language at this age (21). I can’t seem to get the pronunciation right, yet.

I think of it as another stepping stone in life and have to work harder to not fall behind. Who knows, maybe my German will come in handy for the internship later this summer. I missed the memo that said: “All internship students will be required to take beginning German,” probably.

I love my host family’s home, but there is one element missing – Internet. The lack of it contributes to some of my homesickness. I can’t write blog posts, do homework and compose emails on my own time. I can’t go on social media as much as well. I have to scout the area for a place with Wi-Fi. I really wish Salzburg College was open 24/7, it’d be convenient.

My host mom said some students have dropped out it before because they neglected the academic aspect. It’s important to always remember about that. With the four-day excursion in Munich, every activity made me forget about why I was Europe in the first place. I can’t explore the nightlife as much as I expected because I’ll have to focus on my three classes and the internship requirements these next four weeks. It’ll be worth it in the end.

Lastly, I really do miss my friends in Gainesville. I did give up a lot (student activities, summertime, family) to be in Europe, but I’m staying hopeful for the future and acknowledge that I will grow as a person.


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