The Final Countdown: Madrid in 7 Days

photoBrandi Applebaum is a 3rd year Marketing student in the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida with minors in Retailing and Mass Communications. While she’s traveled to Europe before on vacation and even worked for a summer in Austria, this is her first time studying abroad. She will be participating in the UF in Madrid – Business program this summer in order to help improve her Spanish skills and see a part of Europe that she’s never been to before. In her free time, she enjoys writing and baking and eevn keeps a separate blog about food, DIY and beauty tips/tricks.

I leave for Madrid in one week from tonight. One week. This is a countdown more exciting than the ten seconds before New Year’s, or the days before your birthday. I’ll be taking three Spanish classes this summer, two in June and one in July, and exploring whenever I get the chance. I’ve never been to Madrid before and I want to do everything possible!

My departure date is almost here and it’s time to start packing. I’m slightly an over-packer as I like to be prepared for any situation (and clothing options are fun to have!), so today I decided to set out everything I want to bring abroad and tomorrow I’ll go through it all and see what is actually needed.

Spain is ridiculously hot in the summer. Think like Gainesville in an early season day football game, but there’s no air conditioning inside buildings to provide escape. For this, I’m planning on bringing many sundresses and loose fitting clothing. Sandals are a must to keep cool as well, though my sneakers are coming too for when I want to wander the city. Pick-pocketing is unfortunately prevalent in Europe so I’m bringing a backpack that I can keep close to my body in wary situations. My Nikon camera is joining me as well and I can only hope to capture pictures that make you feel like you’re with me! Seven days until the most incredible summer ever and it can’t come soon enough!


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