Melbourne Weekend

The Australian state of Victoria’s hipster watering hole, Melbourne, is just a quick hour-long flight from Sydney. A group of us from the UF Australia study abroad program decided to fly there and stay in a hostel for the weekend to experience the true backpacker lifestyle.

Known for its quaint little cafes, graffiti and vintage clothing stores, Melbourne offered a very different vibe from Sydney’s city pace. There was far less public transportation and definitely fewer business suits walking the streets. There were many cute alleyways with shops and restaurants lining the walls.

The hostel was similar to a college dorm room with bunk beds and communal restrooms (shout out to Broward Hall!). I’ve lived in the same room with a roommate for three years, so hostel living wasn’t too different from my normal Gainesville lifestyle.

We also took a trip out to Phillip Island, located less than 100 miles outside of Melbourne, to watch thousands of penguins migrate onshore each night. I have never seen so many of the cute critters in my life!

My favorite thing about Melbourne: the coffee. Any java connoisseur, myself included, would love Melbourne just to visit a coffee shop on every corner. We went to the renowned Degraves cafe and indulged in mochas.

I loved Melbourne, but I’m excited for the last week in Sydney!


One thought on “Melbourne Weekend

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