21 Hours Later…


I’m in Sydney, Australia. It’s been an eventful a day, and I’m experiencing quite the jetlag, BUT I am excited to start my first independent journey outside of the States. I’m studying abroad with the University of Florida College of Journalism and will be in Australia for the month of May. Quite the reward for surviving your freshman year of college, don’t you think?

We landed at 6am Aussie time and hit the ground running. Sydney is absolutely stunning. From the modern architecture, beautiful weather and kind residents, it’s an easy to liken Sydney as the Big Apple down Unda’, except with fewer crowds, cleaner streets and friendlier people. Win- Win all around. Everyone I encountered was amused by my plucky American excitement and naivety and had no problem directing me to where my heart desired.

We’re currently staying in the Mercure Potts Point hotel in New South Wales Sydney, right in the heart of downtown, literally 1 foot away from Kings Cross Train station. We hopped on the Number 1 train to Martin’s Place, Sydney’s Financial District. It didn’t take a second to spot my first story. My attention was immediately drawn to a cluster of Aussie’s and an “Occupy Sydney” banner. It was enlightening to speak to natives who continued to fight for the rights of the global 99%.


Stay tuned for my Occupy Sydney Post!

After speaking with Occupy Sydney, we made our way to the Harbor Bridge and Opera House. There, we met a missionary couple from Long Island, New York. The best part about other tourists is that you can shamelessly ask them to take your photo and they won’t mind ‘cause you’ll return the favor!


My travel buddies and I at the Opera House

While walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens (A FREE must see for all visitors) We ran into Eric*, a Canadian Chef who upped and moved from to Sydney after he graduated college with just a backpack and the address of a few Aussie friends. He recommended we take the ferry to Darling Harbour to see weekly firework show and grab a beer. Stayed tuned for that story!

Occupy S


Royal Botanical Gardens

Though it was only 4pm in Sydney, it was about 1am back home in the States and the jet lag began creeping through. I tried to fight it with a quick stop to the Westfield Mall, but even the beautiful architecture, designer boutiques and fro-yo kiosks could not keep me awake. A 5-minute ride on the Number 2 train and I was happily nested in the cocoon of my bed.

The sun now sets behinds the Sydney skyline leaving a faint trace of the autumn breeze. I cannot wait to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer. If I learned anything today, it’s that this is going to be one of the times of my life.

And with that, take it easy Mates. Until Tomorrow.


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