One Way Ticket on the Hot Mess Express Please

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Ebony Joseph is a Telecommunications Major at the University of Florida. While pursuing her bachelor’s in Telecom she is also pursuing minors in Business and in Spanish. She currently works with WUFT as part of the production crew and an Associate Producer for the First at Five Newscast. She is also a Campus Diplomat and Director of Communications for One Thing Remains, a student mission team devoted to raising awareness and funds for the Tresoro Foundation, a non-profit that helps provide food, clothing and educational supplies for impoverished children in the Dominican Republic. Besides going to the Dominican Republic to work with her mission team, Ebony has been to Paris, Egypt and Haiti.  Ebony is currently studying travel reporting with the UF College of Journalism and Communications and has chosen Australia because of it’s diverse natural landscapes, bustling cities and her life long dream to see the Great Barrier Reef. In her free time Ebony enjoys traveling, baking and volunteering. Upon her return from Australia, Ebony will be a production intern with New Media Mogul Production Inc. in Hollywood, Florida.

It’s the night after finals and I’ve just realized that I leave for Australia in 3 days. 72 hours. 4,320 minutes. No matter how many times I say it or look at my calendar I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I’m still grasping how I feel about completing my freshman year of college. The mounting stress of moving out of my dorms, moving home and leaving the country within such a short time frame has deemed me eligible for ride on the “Hot Mess Express”. For those of you not familiar with my lingo (you’ll get used to it as you get know me), the Hot Mess Express is a term used to describe a state of complete disorder and confusion and/or lacking organization. We’ve all been on it at one point in our lives but at this very moment, call the conductor because I need a first class seat!

Deep down I am a little sad that I won’t be home for too long before I up and leave to the other side of the equator, but I also believe that this will be a great experience for me that I’ll fully appreciate once I’m there. Maybe I’ll feel it as I begin to pack my bags? Or when I board the plane? Maybe even years from now as I tear up looking back at the photos years from this trip and realizing that my youth and my experiences were such a beautiful time in my life that I’ll never get back. I want to be a global citizen and I believe this trip is my first official step. So you know what, so what if I’m on the Hot Mess Express at this moment, because someday I’ll be on the Adulthood Airplane so until then I’ll enjoy the time that I’ve got, because like the plane, it will fly by.


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