Halfway Around the World

GreenplateKimberly Greenplate is a 4th year Political Science and Public Relations double-major with a minor in Public Leadership from the Bob Graham Center at the University of Florida. This summer she’ll be studying abroad for the first time in Australia with the College of Journalism and Communications. Although she’s never studied abroad before, she’s traveled to Costa Rica, England, France, and Italy. Being from Sanibel, Florida, a barrier island off the coast of Southwest Florida, she’s always been conscious of the environment and wildlife around her. Australia is known for its unique wildlife and beautiful natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef. She was raised by the water and grew up snorkeling. She also loves reading and has recently discovered running and completed a half-marathon in February. After graduation, she plans to move to Washington, D.C. to pursue her dream of a career in politics and social change communications. See her first post below:

Plane tickets in hand, I’m preparing to embark on my University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications study abroad adventure to Australia! I’m physically and mentally preparing myself to go halfway around the world, which will require nearly a day’s worth of time in the air.

We will be landing in Sydney and spending three weeks there to take in all the city has to offer. Then, we head off to the warmer, Great Barrier Reef city of Cairns. Being from a barrier island off the coast of Southwest Florida, I grew up around the water and can’t wait to see the most famous reef in the world.

Here I come, Sydney!


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