Valentine’s Day in the City of Love

Oh Valentine’s day, by far the biggest hallmark holiday in the states, but here in Paris, the city isn’t covered in pink and red hearts and advertisements telling you to buy a million things for your significant other. I didn’t notice any more couples strolling down the Seine than usual. While it’s still celebrated, no one makes as big a deal of it here, just another day to spend with someone you love. And the French LOVE love. Being American, we still want to observe all our holidays from home while we’re abroad, so we had to do something to celebrate. Then I remembered something I had read online a while back, before I even knew I was coming to Paris. There’s a bridge on the Seine River called the “Love Bridge” of Paris where thousands of people have put locks with their names on them. I found this description: “You hang locks on it with the name of you & your boyfriend/girlfriend/best-friend then throw the key into the river. So even though the friend/relationship may end, you cant remove the lock. It stays there forever, as relevance to someone once a part of your life.” I knew that was something I had to see, so what better day than Valentine’s? Some friends of I headed over there after dinner and managed to find it (after getting lost for a while) and finally found it! I was kind of surprised that it was actually there, I heard the city comes and cuts off all the locks every few months, but there are always thousands of new ones ready to replace them. Seeing all the couples locking their locks to the bridge didn’t make me sad at all; seeing other people being happy made me happy. Me and my roommate even found our own astronaut valentine, and finished the night with delicious crêpes, a French staple food.


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