Going the Distance

So school finished and I had two weeks to travel, my original plans were to go backpacking through Indonesia, finally see Bali and Java, places that I’ve been dying to go to. Then I changed my mind and decided to do Malaysia and Singapore for a week and join my roommates in the islands for the other week. But all this went out the window when I found out my passport did not have 6 months validity on it, prohibiting me from entering any of these countries. What is the point of an expiration date when your passport is practically useless 6 months before? The only two places I could go in Southeast Asia with less than 6 months was Hong Kong or Vietnam.

I had been thinking about Hong Kong for a while and decided to go for it. I’ll make this post short and simple, Hong Kong was simply amazing! There is no other city like it in the world. While I was hesitant at first because I didn’t like Beijing that much, Hong Kong was a different world. It was modern, clean (I didn’t realize how dirty Bangkok was until I came here), the people spoke English and the fashion was awesome to observe. Unlike Beijing there was no crazy security or blocks on the Internet, it’s what China would be if it were less communist. What did I absolutely love? I loved that it was a walking city, it was easy to cross the street and everyone walks everywhere. Don’t want to walk? Then you can take the awesome public transportation system, the subway takes you anywhere! It’s so efficient and a day-pass is a worthy investment. I loved that the city was spread out across islands, some parts are busy business districts, other parts look very Chinese and then there are quiet fishing villages like Sai Kung. I love that it’s a city but it is surrounded by nature with water below and green hills on top. I loved that Disneyland Hong Kong was not as busy as the parks in Orlando; I could actually take my time and ride everything without having to wait in ridiculous lines. I loved the pub-crawl I went to most of all. This was my first ever pub crawl and it was awesome for around $12 you get free entry to 6 different places and free shots and drink specials in each. You get to meet a lot of fellow travelers and I even found another Florida Gator also doing an exchange, small world. The only drawbacks to my short trip to Hong Kong was the weather, it was so cold compared to Thailand and I was not prepared at all. Hong Kong was also relatively expensive compared to Thailand but that was expected from a big metropolis. Overall my trip was fantastic and I’m really glad that I decided to come here on my own. Now I’m headed off to the islands!


Hong Kong skyline from the Avenue of Stars




This fisherman was totally my muse at Sai Kung.




Disneyland Hong Kong no the princesses are not Asian.


Walkways above ground and through buildings.


Ladies Market (fake purses galore)


People crossing the street


Pub Crawl


2 thoughts on “Going the Distance

  1. Hey this may be completely random haha but I have been searching the web for a blog like this of someone’s experience studying abroad in Thailand. I’m a University of Cincinnati student and plan to study abroad in Thailand for the spring semester of next year, so January 2014. Would you mind answering a few questions I have or give me some tips?

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