The Beach

So before finals I wanted make another big trip for at least 10 days and I thought nothing would be better than the gulf islands of Thailand and then the paradise islands close to the Andaman Sea. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located there and right now was the perfect season for it. I was lucky that one of Frenchies Clement made the whole itinerary and all I had to do was join the group. Everyone left Wednesday night but I had to finish an internship application so I decided to leave Thursday on the night train. This was the first time I was traveling by myself in Thailand and I was most worried that I would fall asleep and miss my stop.  So for countless hours I tried to stay awake fighting the temptation. I was decepted into thinking I could close my eyes for just a few minutes but sleep overcame me.

Suddenly I wake up I gasp I had fallen completely asleep and had no idea where I was. Fear crept into me; I could be half way through Malaysia by now, who knew. I pulled my curtain and find a train completely empty and at a standstill, this couldn’t be good. I quickly gather my things and head outside in hopes of finding someone that could help me. I find this Thai man who looks like a bus driver and show him my ticket to Koh Tao. He jibbers something in Thai and then puts me on another bus. Once on the bus the round rowdy lady starts asking one by one where everyone is going. I hear Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and even Krabi but not one Koh Tao. When I say Koh Tao the lady laughs she goes on to explain to me I missed my stop long time ago and I had no option but to go to Koh Phangan for the night. I was upset at the fact something so stupid happen to me but at the same time comforted by the feeling of seeing that beautiful island once more. So I had no choice I headed into a ferry to Koh Phangan, I hopped on a motorbike taxi and found nice quiet resort to stay for the night. I was actually nice spending time alone, I got a chance to think and to write and I had a fantastic dinner by the sunset.


The next morning was my ferry to Koh Tao and on my ferry I find 2 more Frenchies Xavier and Melina. It was great because at this point my phone had died and I had no idea how I was going to find anyone once I got to the island. Xavier the motorbike man took turns bringing me and Melina to the bungalows where everyone was staying. Then the three of us headed straight into the ocean as soon as we got there. The water was the temperature of bath water with the most perfect sunset as the backdrop. It was absolutely perfect. At night we saw a great fire show by the beach and one of the exchange students Jose jumped into the rope of fire!



The next day while everyone was in the diving course Me, Melina and Clement decide to go snorkeling in the private island off the coast of Koh Tao. But first we had a giant buffet breakfast right by the water. We couldn’t even breath of how full we were, so much for not eating before swimming. We then jumped on a taxi-boat and headed to a bay called Japanese Gardens. We saw some awesome fish, great coral formations in super clear waters. There was one school of fish that had to have thousands of them and Me and Clement would swim through them and they would freak out and move in different directions.  After snorkeling we were determined to find the famous viewing point on top of the mountain the problem was this island closes at 5 p.m. and it was already 4:30. So eventually we find our way to the viewing point, I practically fall trying to climb the rocks but we get there. As soon as we head down the security guard of the island is screaming at us and kicking us out of the island. My Miami attitude came out and well lets just say it we’re probably not allowed back there.Image




The next day we headed to Koh Phangan in preparation for the Frenchies first full moon party and jungle experience. To top it off Full Moon landed on Halloween night so I found a make-shift butterfly costume and spent the night granting wishes with my magical wand (was I a butterfly or a fairy godmother I’m still not sure). Everyone asked me how these two events went for the second time. Well I can honestly say it was two completely different experiences, it was different people and different vibes all around. The only drawback was being at certain places that reminded me of things that happened the first time around. This overwhelmed me with emotions because I realized how fast time flew by. Things like Luna View at the jungle experience or dancing in the middle of the road with my roommates or even the morning at mellow mountain were just too awesome the first time around. Full Moon itself was less people this time around but I thought it was better, I didn’t have to worry about getting lost and everyone was able to enjoy the party together. Of course we partied until sunrise and this time it was even more impressive because the weather was clearer.



We wasted no time at all and right after Full Moon hopped on a ferry+bus to Railay. Well in reality Krabi Town not Railay. So while Railay might be the Emerald city, Krabi Town is munchkin land. As soon as we got off the bus this quirky stubby Thai man convinced us to stay at his guesthouse. We were all exhausted at this point so we jumped in the back of his pickup truck and headed to his guesthouse. While we were imagining pristine beaches and piña coladas but we got a pretty ordinary looking Thai town with almost no tourist instead. Our guesthouse man “Kong” he called himself was absolutely crazy. As soon as we got there he wanted to get us drunk and party with us and sell us any tour he possibly could. It seemed like everyone was friendly in this town, one man gave us a free taxi ride, they offered us free food in the street and the optical store fixed Melina’s glasses for free, very different from Bangkok. The next morning we took a long boat into the famous Railay Beach. What can I say about this beach besides it was one of the nicest sights I’ve ever seen, huge rock formations coming out of the water and aquamarine waters with soft white sand below. We were planning to see the whole island but once we got to the beach nothing was going to make us leave. While all morning there was perfect weather, a huge cloud came in the afternoon and then it began to pour. It was one of the best storms I’ve seen in Thailand and I love rain so I was loving it. I think Melina and Clement not so much. The rain water was freezing so we decided to offset this by jumping into the warm ocean water. It was nice until the rain got so hard we couldn’t even keep our eyes open and when the lightening began to strike we knew it was time to go.  Later that night we asked out guesthouse man Kong where was a good place to relax and have a few drinks in quaint little Krabi Town. He took us to a local reggae bar called Joy Bar where we had some awesome food and great live reggae music. It was so funny to hear Thai’s singing Bob Marley but it was awesome. We decided to walk home and got a little lost along the way even ending up in someone’s backyard, that’s Krabi Town for you.

Back Camera

The next we booked a day tour on a speedboat that took us to several islands in Koh Phi Phi and a stop at the famous Maya Beach where Leonardo Di Caprio filmed The Beach. I hate tours and this one was no exception, I hate having a set schedule and well I hated having a boat full of Chinese tourist that wouldn’t even swim in the water. They spent their entire trip taking pictures of themselves with their iPads. Seriously, who brings iPads to the beach? Regardless it was the cheapest and most efficient way to see Koh Phi Phi so I can’t complain. Maya Bay is hyped up to be the best beach in Thailand and well I believe it. My eyes literally could not handle the beauty I was looking at. The water was unreal, blue like a jewel. The sand was so soft it was not sand but powder on your feet. I could have stayed an entire day on this beach alone but of course the whistle blew and we were all back on our tour boat. I decided I have to come back here before we leave Thailand. Me and my roommates are planning to have a small boat take us in the night and camp out at the beach after finals. Do I see vacation from my 5 month vacation? YUP

Back Camera

Back Camera

Back Camera

Mind you these pictures are with my iPhone, imagine what it’d look like if I had my Nikon…I regret not taking it everyday 😦


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