Cheekbones and Dala Horses

Hello all! So I’ve been incredibly neglectful lately, and I take full blame for this. The past couple of weeks have been very busy and not necessarily that exciting, as my life had essentially consisted of studying for finals, taking exams, and writing papers. I assume nobody is too interested in hearing about that. However, the day after my last final I did have a little incentive planned to get me through things: my first trip to Stockholm, Sweden!

It started off a bit shaky, admittedly. I planned the trip with a Romanian friend, Raluca, I made here and we decided we were going to take some cheap flights we’d found with a budget airline called Ryanair. However, we definitely suffered the consequences of cheap air travel. The first flight was supposed to be out of Düsseldorf, Germany, so we found some cheap train tickets to get there several hours early and spend the day exploring prior to going to the airport. Thank God we did this, because it turned out I hadn’t done my research properly and the flight was actually out of a small airport in Weeze, over an hour away from Düsseldorf! Still, we had a couple of hours to explore the little city, although the weather was not too forgiving.

Then we were off to the airport! However, I would have one more pleasant surprise before boarding. Ryanair has very strict baggage restrictions. I made sure everything I brought would work, but since my bag was basically right at the limit in terms of size, they decided to measure it. My wheels didn’t fit. I had to pay €50 to have them check my bag in a near-empty airplane, even though I would later discover that my bag fits perfectly fine in the cabin even when the aircraft is almost full.

These are our sad customer faces.

Whatever, I’m over it. We’re off!

Stockholm is a beautiful city. I always pictured Sweden being really modern and almost minimalistic for some reason. While Stockholm is indeed very trendy and modern in many ways, much of the architecture (particularly in Gamla Stan, the Old Town island) is in fact very regal and imposing. With expensive public transport (well, expensive everything, really), we were forced to deal with the cold weather and long walking distances, but it was wonderful! Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen: Stockholm:

Boats at the dock.

The Vasa, the only almost fully intact 17th Century warship in the world.

Just some dude skiing (skiing?!) down the road.

The Södermalm District at 4:30 PM.

And so I shall leave you as Stockholm left us, with this fabulous, sassy statue:



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