København, and Other Words with Cool Letters

So last weekend was my last adventure for a little while—my first trip to Scandinavia! After much effort and deliberation (and more money than I would have liked), I decided to make the trek to Denmark (only 16 hours, 5 trains, and a ferry—no biggie.) I have to admit that for the past few years I’ve had this kind of Utopian image of Scandinavia and, even though I always knew I was exaggerating it, I was definitely excited to finally see it “in the flesh”.

It was a long trip (and honestly I think the 14-hour bus ride back was way rougher than the many trains there), but it was worth it. It’s interesting to go somewhere where the standard of living is higher than what you’re used to (sorry guys, even though they have the highest tax rate in the world, they seem to be doing quite well—despite what some will try to make you believe.) It was also curious to see the small, unexpectedly simple ways in which people adapt to environments you’re not used to. For instance, bars and restaurants have outdoor seating, but to make up for the cold every chair has a warm blanket you can wrap yourself in while you enjoyed your smørrebrød or afternoon coffee.

I was lucky enough to have mostly good weather for sight-seeing, and also that the night I arrived was the annual Kulturnatten (Copenhagen Night of Culture), so the streets were filled with people lining up to enter museums, listen to live music, watch models march down cobblestone catwalks, and even play Foosball with some of the country’s politicians. Unfortunately, my camera’s broken flash wasn’t ideal for capturing these moments. Nor was my camera of any use in documenting the city’s famed “squatter town”/ “experiment in Anarchy”: Freetown Christiania, with its open-air market of soft drugs and street art. Still, I was able to get a few shots while out on the town:

An art show in a church–open to the public as part of the Kulturnatten.

Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke Lamp: apparently a staple of Danish culture and design. They cost anywhere from $9,000 to $60,000.

Tebowing with my friend Jesper and the Little Mermaid!

For the next few weeks I’ll be staying home for the weekend (woe is me, I know) since I have exams and such coming up. But Denmark only got me more pumped for my upcoming November trip to Stockholm, Sweden! For now I’ll just have to hold onto the memories of my first time in Scandinavia, and also my first REAL “Danish”!

Ok, I’ll have to admit that this isn’t actually a true “Danish”, as the filling isn’t fruity or cream-cheesy, plus it lacks that gelatin stuff it’s supposed to have. Still, it was close enough and, I must say, WAY better than any American “Danish” I’ve ever tried!

Farvel (looks like “farewell”–I found lots of language similarities of the sort), Tanya


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