Taichung Ahoy!


This was the standard in Taichung. The city is in central Taiwan. Motorcycles were a common site in our area of Taichung. In fact, my catch phrase for the night was, “Always assume there will be a motorcycle! We will not die here!” Usually they would pass by close enough to touch, so this phrase was not invoked without reason.
Taichung houses the largest night market in Taiwan, thus we definitely had an awesome time here. Every time we walked down a street, another few streets filled with more stores would open up to us. Here’s a small section:
Taichung night market

Tried a few strange foods while in Taichung, stinky tofu being the most memorable. You know those stinky cheeses that end up inexplicably tasting pretty good? Well, it’s kind of like that. It’s very stinky though, so be prepared; you aren’t allowed to pass it up while you’re in Taiwan, apparently.

I’m not much of a shopper so my other preferred activity in the night market was playing games I knew I would lose.  Games of chance, skill, whatever you please!  One of my friends won a Doraemon shower curtain.  I was pretty jealous.

Well, according to one of our cab drivers, there isn’t much for young whippersnappers like us to do in Taichung other than visit the night market (which I still loved doing), so we took off for Taipei on the bullet train.
Taichung to Taipei bullet train

The train traveled very quickly! Looking out the window, I could tell we were going fast, but I couldn’t feel a thing! The ride was very smooth, and I took a nap to pass the hour-long ride.  Onward to Taipei!  I’ll tell you about that another time. 🙂


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