20 Candles

Looking back at most of posts I’m disappointed with the quality of my writing, mostly because there isn’t much of it. There is so much that happens in such a little amount of time that it is difficult to really sit down and evaluate everything that’s happen. My post lack the wonderful connections I’ve made with people and the small idiosyncrasies that make my experiences unique. Recently I celebrated a birthday in Bangkok, of course it was great but it also provoked the strangest feeling within me. I had never spent a birthday away from my friends and family and even though everyone here made the day very special, I felt so in myself. I also felt older for some reason, maybe I stopped to reevaluate my life and realize all I had accomplished by age 20. I was no longer a teenager but actually a person with a path. My life was headed in a direction and for the first time it seemed clear to me that I was growing up.

I don’t know why every time I have a moment to myself I stop and think about what  my life is right now. How did I get to this specific point in time? Most of the time I think what has gone right that I am lucky enough to be where I am. Not simply physically but mentally, it’s as if I can feel my mind stretchy to capacity, like I’m going to reach a cap. I always feel like a kid, in fact I clench to it with all my might but adulthood is taking me. It’s pulling me through the forts, the board games, the laughter, the wonder, the curiosity. It doesn’t hurt but there’s too much momentum to enjoy it. I can see my past from a distance now, not one so far that it’s unclear but far enough to know there’s no going back. I don’t know what to make of it all. I’m haunted by the fact that I am fully conscious of my growth. I always thought it would simply catch up to me all at once, but it’s creeping up on me like the changes of the season. All that is left is embracing it, taking the reigns and not letting go, steering it in the right direction and hope it takes me somewhere good. Maybe not where I want to be but somewhere to be.

So as you can see this was a very self-reflective birthday but nevertheless a very fun one. Although my birthday was on a Monday the festivities began on the previous Thursday. Thursday night a group of us headed to Bed Supper Club supposedly the best club in Bangkok. Well if you like tourist, over priced drinks and crappy “hip” music then this the place for you. Nonetheless the place was impressive; everything from floor to ceiling is white, very sci-fi if you ask me. There is an entire section with two-dozen beds where you can lay and have a drink or conversate with other high-class crowd members. I thought the beds were genius but personally I would use them for napping. There is always a crashing stage in the night and what better way to recuperate then a swift power night right in the club! But noooo no one joined me on this one.

The next night was my last minute party at my apartment. Back home I’d have to plan everything days in advance, send out a million texts and not to mention spend a lot of money. Here I woke up I decided to have a party, posted it on the exchange Facebook group and bam I had a party. I still don’t understand how and why things are just less complicated and less stressful here but they just are. Through the fuzzy parts I can remember having a great night with lots of my new friends. Everyone poked fun at the fact it wasn’t even my birthday yet but of course I explained to them that that’s the American way. Your birthday especially at this age lasts at least an entire weekend. I don’t know if this is remotely accurate but it’s the way I’ve always done it and anyways most of the Europeans bought it.

Sunday we had an exchange group field trip to the Royal Palace. I’m not going to lie I’m not much of tour person, I find myself constantly disinterested and thinking more about the tour guide’s personal life than the facts they’re spilling. I much rather wander around and get lost in places like this. Still, it was a beautiful site and I got some awesome photos out of it. Not only was the trip free but the school treated us to an awesome lunch after, so no complains on my part.



Finally Monday came around! All my roommates had class on Monday so I had the day to myself which was nice considering I’m never really alone here. I started my day by treating myself to an enormous breakfast. I had an delicious omelet with rice from a street cart, a fresh banana smoothie from my favorite fruit lady and a pizza made of donuts (extreme treat yo self day). Well all this was under $5 and in walking distance, that’s what I love about Bangkok. Then I bought myself the new Two Door Cinema Club album on iTunes because seriously I needed new music and they’re so good I don’t mind paying for their music. So the soundtrack to the rest of my day consisted of great songs like “Handshake”, “Sun” and “Wake up”.

I had been thinking of getting a tattoo in Bangkok since the day I arrived and what better to do it then on my 20th birthday. Saying goodbye to my teenage years yada yada it was emotional I promise. So after researching a few places I had found a place that was up to American standards or even better.Image I hopped on the sky train and wondered the city for a couple of minutes before I found the quaint little place on the hipster street full of little shops and coffee joints. I decided to get a lyric from one of my favorite Arctic Monkeys songs “Old Yellow Bricks”. The song is about the Wizard of Oz my favorite movie! So I along with the lyric I got a poppy flower from the original children’s book. Poppy flowers induce sleep in the movie and the quote is about sleep and dreams, it really was a full circle kind of thing. The tattoo artists were super professional (and English speaking hooray!). They helped me pick out the best flower and were really patient with me as a looked through hundreds of fonts. Then as I was getting my tattoo done they let me play Arctic Monkeys. It was definitely the best of my 4 experiences getting a tattoo.

Afterward when I got home my roommie surprised me with a trip to the nail salon and got me a manicure and a pedicure, which was much needed after an intense weekend in Koh Phangan. After, everyone from the residence building came over we sang happy birthday and I blew out the candles of my wonderful makeshift cake. We then decided to try out an Asian karaoke place. The rest of the night consisted of great laughs, some awful songs and yet another great birthday added to my memory bank.



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