Party Monster

I cannot even begin to explain the craziness that was the Full Moon Party at Koh Pha-Ngan! Thousands of backpackers, European ravers and party people from around the globe flock this little island for what is the biggest beach party in the world. A bit on the history of this party, apparently it started in 1985 when a couple of travelers decided to party under the full moon. It was so fun that they decided to continue the tradition on every full moon; well news spread and now there are crowds of 20-30,000 people on Haad Rin Beach. What no one told me is that the festivities in Koh Pha-Ngan begin 3 days before. All over the island there are parties that don’t end until sunrise. I’m pretty sure is the Asian version of Ibiza.

 I’m not going to lie the journey to get there was not an easy one. Lets start by a 30 minute metro ride to the overnight train station, then 13 hours on the overnight train to Surat Thani, then almost 2 hours on a bus to get to the pier and 3 hours on a ferry to get to the island and then a truck taxi for another 30 min to get to the bungalows. All I have to say after all that is that it was 100% worth it. Since the moment you land on the island you are bombarded with flyers for all the events going on, pool parties, waterfall parties, jungle parties, boat parties, the parties are endless. Rather than trying to recall all the shenanigans that occurred in my 72-hour rager-fest I made a video on some of the parties I attended.  The quality’s not great considering it was a really crappy camera (they warn against taking valuables for full moon) but it gives a tiny glimpse at the madness that was my full moon weekend.

full moon from Barbara valle on Vimeo.





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