Gluttony may be Inevitable

I’ve had a few people tell me that I would lose weight when I went to Hong Kong, based on their experiences. To be honest, I can’t tell at this point whether or not this will prove to be true. Will it be easy for me to stay healthy in this situation? An argument for both sides follows.

Reasons I could lose weight:
– Walking: The only way to get around easily is by walking a lot and using public transportation. Subways, buses, and taxis are available. And since subways and buses aren’t always 15 feet from your door, a good bit walking is required. Walking around between classes, as well as up and down many stairs, adds up as well. So I will walk a lot more here than I did in America.
– Heat: When I’m perspiratin’, I’m not very hungry. Plus, it makes me drink more water.
– Meal Layout: Many menu items I’ve seen have been smaller or included more vegetables.

Reasons I could gain weight:
– Inexpensive, delicious food: The other day I got a huge bowl of fried rice for about $3. Not bad. My voracious appetite, if left unchecked, could cause problems for myself and for the people around me.

So I think the answer will depend upon which is stronger: my ferocious gluttony, or the environmental changes I’ll be exposed to here in Hong Kong.
Not that I’m actually worried about the outcome too much, but today, I got a roll of sushi for about $1.50. The odds may be not forever be in my favor. I like to play my own versions of hunger games.


4 thoughts on “Gluttony may be Inevitable

  1. i’m from UF and studying in HK too! Let’s get together and watch a gator game or go for a run! There’s a great fitness section at Victoria Park

  2. Hi Paul! I’m glad things are going well. I for one thing you will gain wait there due to the inexpensive food choices you have there. I’ve seen that ferocious appetite of yours in action! 🙂 Then, again, since you’ll also be getting in more exercise, the two forces may just balance each other out…maybe. Nonetheless, I hope you’ve made some good friends over there to help you continue to learn the language and to be successful in the classroom. Many blessing to you. I’ll keep an eye out for future blogs.

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