My Trip Home

My long day of traveling was quite eventful.  My flight from Vienna to London was a piece of cake and we were there in no time.  I got great views of London and snapped some pictures of the city and London Eye.  Once at the Heathrow Airport, I made my big transfer from Terminal 3-Terminal 5.  It said in my flight folder that it could take up to 120 minutes, but it definitely took half of this time, maybe even less.  Once at my Terminal, I walked around and went to the MAC store and played with some makeup before proceeding to my gate.  Since there was still a bit of time to kill before departure, I read my book and sat quietly.

The long 9 hour 40 minute flight from London to Dallas on British Airways was pretty good.  I had everything I needed to be comfortable and we were served food at the perfect times with the choice of anything we wanted to drink.  Since I love Ginger Ale, I was in heaven.  I watched The Hunger Games and We Bought A Zoo to pass the time and I slept as minimal as possible so that I would get a proper night sleep once I arrived back in Florida at home.

Finally, we landed in Dallas and it was surreal and weird.  I was back in America.  What?! Time for reverse culture shock!  It truly was the Twilight Zone when I got off the plane and met my bags to go through customs, get my passport checked and then recheck my bags to their final destination.  As I strolled through the DFW airport, all I could see was big people and a lot of fatty food places everywhere.  Since I was a little hungry and I still had time especially now that my flight to Florida was delayed, I went to Pappasito’s Cantina for my first legal beer in America, chips and guacamole.  I wrote emails to Phil and let everyone know that I had safely made it to America and just had one more flight to go.  As time passed, the time change started to catch up with me and I was TIRED. DEAD TIRED.

As soon as we were given the go-ahead to board, I was ready to go.  I could barely keep my eyes open as I battled with them fluttering shut.  The last flight was a little miserable since the plane was ice cold, there were no blankets and no snacks.  I tried to sleep but was so cold that I couldn’t even do that.  Who knew that American Airlines only gave pillows and blankets to first class now?!  Not me.  And I was not too happy about it after traveling all day for several hours and waking up before the crack of dawn.  At last we landed at 11pm in Fort Myers and I was relieved to be there and reunite with my family.  After about 20 minutes, my bags came through and we were out of there.  The drive home was quick as we all chatted about my travels and my time abroad.  Once home, I got to see Buck and Mozart, my lovable dogs and spent time playing with them.  They were pretty happy to see me and I was so glad to see them and hold them again after 6 months.  4 international airports later, I was home and boy does it feel good.

Come December, I will be headed back to Vienna for 3 weeks to spend time with Phil, his family and all of my Austrian friends.  Currently, he is in Florida and has been here for a little over a week.  We have traveled all over Florida to Miami, Gainesville, Orlando and St. Petersburg and are finally back on Marco to relax.  It is hard to imagine how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time, but I could not be happier.  This is not the end…it is only the beginning.

Stay tuned for updates!  I promise I will not leave you in the dark 😉


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