Goodbye Krakow, Hello Wrocklove

The last few days in Krakow were bittersweet to say the least. We finished up our language classes and graduated, received diplomas, and spent the last day doing whatever we pleased without having to worry about homework. Spending four weeks in Krakow were four weeks well spent. We went to just about every museum, found the best Mexican restaurant (it took a few tries), and made new friends that we’ll be sad to leave behind.

These last four weeks were quite possibly the busiest of my life. Each morning was spent in a classroom until noon learning Polish with students who were either native speakers or have been studying the language for several years. Having only studied for a year it was slightly intimidating, but somehow I made it through alive.

Then after a lunch of potatoes and cabbage we would spend the day either visiting a museum Pani Ania wanted us to see, touring some section of town or the Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz), or finding the coffee shop (kawiarnia) with the best iced latte. Which just so happened to be located across the street from Cupcake Corner, which made the best red velvet cupcakes I’ve had the pleasure of eating. (And there was some studying in there…somewhere.)

Today, our first completely free day since arriving in Krakow was well spent. After eating breakfast at Charlotte (where they make homemade Nutella. Yea, let that sink in. Homemade. Nutella.) we hopped in a taxi to a theatre (kino) to see The Dark Knight Rises. And I have to say, movie theaters in Poland trump ours back home. First of all, our tickets cost a whopping $5. Yup, you read right. Five American dollars. Then the theatre itself was huge. And the seats? Don’t even get me started. I could have taken a nap in them they were so big. The Poles definitely do theaters right. Not to mention the movie was really great too.

But onward to our next city, Wrocklove! No, unfortunately it’s not called that, but apparently that’s what the locals call it when they try to say it in English. Tomorrow we’ll be spending about six hours on a train, which I’m going to guess has little to no air conditioning. When we arrive in Wroclaw we’ll walk around town and see the sights, though what sights we see will have to come in a later post.

Till then, do widzenia!


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