1 Weekend & 3 British Towns

Well, it was a busy weekend. We spent Friday in London visiting Churchill’s underground war rooms and Olympic Park. Of course, we had to take one last photo with Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. It’s really cool to see London as the city prepares for the Olympics, which will begin in a few days. As always, I enjoyed our time in London. It’s just such a fantastic city! It’s by far one of my favorites.

On Saturday, we went punting in Cambridge. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a long boat that someone moves through the water by using a long pole. One of the students from Cambridge offered to take us punting and it was well worth our time. Seeing Cambridge from the river gives you a whole new view of the town. This was the first weekend without rain and it was in the 70s, so it was perfect punting weather. The river was pretty crowded due to a graduation ceremony and all of the weekend tourists, but that made our time on the river all the more entertaining. The River Cam is the perfect place for people watching, because there’s always someone dropping their punt (which is a VERY bad/amusing situation) or someone running into another boat and causing a traffic jam.

On Sunday, we worked on our papers for a little while and then took a 15 minute train ride to the tiny town of Ely. Ely has the most fantastic cathedral I’ve ever seen. I think it’s even better than the Notre Dame or other cathedrals that I’ve seen in England. We toured the cathedral for a while and I was amazed at all of the detail in the medieval church. Also, we went to an adorable tea house by the river. I had my first taste of clotted cream on scones. Scones are just better in England, and clotted cream is by far better than it sounds.

After arriving back in Cambridge, we rode our bikes from the train station to a pub with an amazing view of the RIver Cam. It was literally something out of a painting or postcard.

I’d say it was a pretty successful British weekend. Unfortunately, our time here is coming to a close. This week we will be getting more into World War II discussions, as well as taking our long bike ride to a famous wartime cemetery. I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole biking thing. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes…


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