Buongiorno Roma!

After about a 4 hour trek to make it to my apartment in Trastevere I finally made it. Rome is so beautiful. The apartment is so close to everything and it is HUGE, i love our apartment. We had our welcome dinner which was delicious accompanied with the Italy vs Spain soccer game. Italy lost, it was sad :(. But it was really cool to be here for it. The first week here has been crazy. On the second night we were here we went to the Deadmau5 concert, SO MUCH FUN. Nobody tells you the part about classes during study abroad, it sure isn’t fun reading and doing homework here. Classes though aren’t bad I’m taking 3 classes, Daily Life in Ancient Rome, Italian Cinema & Culture, and independent study. For independent study I have to write a diary in Italian while I’m here and the two other classes are pretty cool. I have class from 3-6 M-R so it’s not too bad. On Friday we went on a group trip to Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este in Tivoli. Villa D’Este is so beautiful and nice to walk around. Tivoli is a really cute town too and we had the most amazing group lunch there, where we saw how pasta was made at the restaurant. With the help of Cori’s food app. and our teacher’s recommendations we have been eating really well here. I don’t think I can get enough pizza and of course gelato. Next week is going to be super packed with tours to the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine, and then finally a weekend in Florence!! SO EXCITED.Btw I got behind on blogging about my other trip but it was absolutely amazing!! Best trip yet! I would recommend going to Brugge & Venice. Overall Germany was probably my favorite and my least favorite was Luxembourg.

Hadrian’s Villa

The coolest restaurant ever

How to make pasta!


Ricotta and spinach pasta


Some kind of delicious custard and berry dessert

Villa D’este


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