Free Weekend in Cambridge

On Saturday, our group gathered bikes and went for an hour long bike ride to an orchard in a nearby village. Trying to keep 15 people together on a bike ride in Cambridge is easier said than done. First, we’re not all excellent bikers. Second, the weather conditions haven’t exactly been conducive to the sport, especially on Saturday when the sky would sporadically burst into icy showers.

Of course, I forgot to take my rain jacket and umbrella on this particular bike ride. Not that I can hold an umbrella and bike at the same time, but the rain jacket might have been helpful. Trust me, there were moments of this bike ride that made me want to give up on the biking thing all together. But, riding our bikes through the quaint meadows of Cambridge and through the village outside of Cambridge won me over.

Despite the rain and a few mishaps with people’s bikes, we had a great time at the tea room for brunch, walking around the orchard, and visiting the Rupert Brooke Museum. It was a successful Saturday afternoon.

Today, we had our first free day. Some people in our group woke up early to see the Olympic torch being passed through Cambridge. My roommate and I went to one of the professor’s suggested evensongs at King’s College Chapel. This was one of my favorite experiences so far, because the choir was absolutely incredible. I’ve never heard anything like this evensong. Others in our group went to St. John’s evensong and some went to a performance of Hamlet tonight. Besides attending various activities around Cambridge, we’ve all spent the remainder of our free time working on our papers about Germany’s defeat in 1918.

On another note, I’m definitely starting to miss America and the comforts of my home country. I’ve been away from America for almost a month, and let’s just say that I appreciate certain things about America that I never fully appreciated before. For example, in England, air conditioning and ceiling fans don’t seem to be abundantly used. We haven’t really needed the air conditioning yet, but if it gets any warmer outside, I will wish I had it. We have air conditioning and ceiling fans in every room in America, but I never really appreciated them until I came here. Also, I’ve noticed that there aren’t a lot of public trash cans in England, so you have to hold onto your trash longer than you would in America.

Well, our professor has another busy week planned for us, including several field trips to museums and a three day trip to London! I’m quite excited to be back in London soon, because there’s just something about that city that I find so appealing. I’ll be sure to update you on our adventures later this week!


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