From the lands of beer to the lands of wine

After many months of anticipation I finally made it to Europe. But of course not without some trouble. My sister, my dad, and I had our flight to Dusseldorf, Germany with a layover in Paris. We arrived on time to Paris but got stuck waiting to get off the plane. Apparently, we didn’t actually have a gate to get out of, but instead had to climb down the airplane’s stairs directly to the outside. From there we took a bus that took us to our actual gate, but somehow got stuck going through customs and security again. Resulting in missing our connecting flight, which by the way we ran what seemed like 2 miles through the Paris airport to catch it only our luck was that it left early without us. Bright side: free sandwich and drink ticket. Eventually we made it to Dusseldorf. My German grandma described Dusseldorf as the “Paris” of Germany, but having never heard of the city I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that Dusseldorf is quite the happening town. It’s beautiful, genuine, and the people are extremely nice, it’s not very touristy which makes it even better. There is a big young scene, so for anyone thinking about traveling to Germany make sure you go to Dusseldorf, it’s awesome, the beer and food are GREAT.

After our night in Dusseldorf we drove to Amsterdam and then Leiden for the day. Amsterdam was interesting to say the least. The weather was horrible, cold and rainy. After spending a couple hours in Amsterdam and Leiden we went to Brugge. Brugge is incredibly beautiful and since it’s not too touristy it makes for a nice laid back walk through the city. Of course we tried Belgian chocolate and Belgian waffles. After hours of walking we finally ate, the food and beer was delicious and now so far Brugge and Dusseldorf are tied for the best food. After dinner, we went somewhere to watch the Italy and England game (YAY for Italy winning.) Nothing beats watching the Euro Cup in Europe, (now I’m torn between Germany or Italy winning the next game.)

This morning we woke up at 4 to make our drive to Paris. Paris for me had all kinds of expectations. After what seemed like forever in traffic we finally made it into the city. We first went to Louvre and the highlight was of course finally seeing the Mona Lisa. Then we set out to find food and walked on the Chanselise. Our goal was to see The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and save Versailles for the next time we visit Paris. The Eiffel Tower was of course amazing but the surrounding area wasn’t quite like I had imagined and we didn’t get to go up it due to the insanely long line. Paris wasn’t quite how expected it to be until we walked to the area near Notre Dame. This was the best of Paris and Notre Dame is beautiful plus it’s free to go in. Paris took a toll on my energy and body. But i hope to someday make it back here again. (Btw the French people were VERY nice, so I’m now convinced the rudeness stereotype is not true.) Tomorrow we are driving to Strasbourg, France.

Oh and I thought this was a SUMMER vacation, why is it so cold??

The Eiffel Tower

Fondue & Escargot in Paris

Strawberry & Nutella Crepe in Paris

Escargot in Brugge

Rabbit in Brugge

Mussels in Brugge

Cherry Beer in Brugge

Belgium Chocolate

Belgian Waffle

Fries in Amsterdam

Pork Chop in Dusseldorf

Schnitzel in Dusseldorf

Rinderroulade (I crave this all the time now)


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