Day 37-38: Host Family/KTV Fun

Today, I went with Alex, Amber, and Zhang laoshi and her husband to visit my host family. Why so many people? Well, Amber’s host dad is a work colleague of Alex and my host dad, so Amber and her host daughter were invited for the day. Zhang laoshi and her husband came because they were supposed to videotape us for one of our final projects for Chinese class – we had to carry on a conversation in Chinese with our host family. We met everyone at 10:00 and went to the house. After eating lots of fruit and recording our (very fake) conversation with the family, Jessie’s mom brought out some calligraphy workbooks. She gave us all a brush and taught us the basic strokes in Chinese calligraphy, and then we got to write some characters on our own. I really need to buy some ink and paper so I can do more calligraphy when I get home! Then we got to make dumplings. I have watched my parents make dumplings many times, but watching them did absolutely nothing in terms of my dumpling making skills. I definitely did not master the art of making dumplings, but when we ate them for lunch, they tasted pretty good! After we ate lunch, more fruit was brought out….so even though I was stuffed, I still managed to fit some watermelon in my stomach. We moved to the living room where we made little keychains with the Chinese good luck knot on them. After that, we had to leave because the family had to go to a birthday party, so Jessie’s dad drove us back to the dorm.  It was a perfect amount of time to be with the host family – last time I loved it, but I was exhausted by the end of the day.

With our host family

Today we had to go to class for a little bit because Deng laoshi wanted us to continue preparing for our final presentations. I have one more speaking project where I have to be videotaped, and I also have a final interview with only Deng laoshi. After class, we ate lunch at the rice place, and took a bus to the Lotus Market. The Lotus Market is an outdoor market with everything you could possibly imagine, at very reasonable prices. The quality of the clothes wasn’t very good, so I just bought some souvenirs for friends and a new wallet and some wall stickers for myself. It was very crowded there, so we decided not to stay too long. We came back to campus and took a little break, then went back to the rice place for dinner, where our favorite waiters agreed to take pictures with us.

One of our favorite waiters at our favorite restaurant

Last week we planned to take a UF in Chengdu trip to KTV for one last hurrah, and we convinced our teachers to go with us. We got a room big enough for us to have all 20 people in it and sang songs for 2 hours. Even Deng laoshi, Zhang laoshi, and Zhang laoshi’s husband sang multiple Chinese songs for us! It was very cute, if the internet wasn’t so slow here, I’d upload the videos so that everyone could see.

We had to run back to the dorm so that we didn’t have to jump the gate to our dorm (there is a gate to our building that is locked every night at 11:00). Luckily we made it back in time! My friends and I made plans for tomorrow, and now I’m off to bed.


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