FILM REVIEW: National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

nt2I really struggled with trying to find a movie that appropriately related to my class field trip to Fullers Brewery. After finally deciding to let the experience remain in the recesses of my memory, I came across National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets on USA at 11pm at the perfect moment when Benjamin Gates and Abigail are breaking into Buckingham Palace (side note, I forgot to see the changing of the guards) after which they are involved in a high speed and mildly destructive car chase scene all over London. This chase is of course by the bad guys who have hijacked a Fullers Brewery delivery truck!DSCF3319 It was a magical moment of realization. This naturally led me to watch about an hour more of the film before 1) almost falling asleep and 2) remember how overly convoluted the plot is. First the Gates family is being accused of being related to John Wilkes booth, so that somehow leads him to New York, then Paris, then London, then to Maryland to find his mom, the Dame Helen Mirren, then to the White House to break into the Oval Office, then to Mt. Vernon to kidnap the President, and then (I think…I went to sleep at this point) to Mt. Rushmore to discover the City of Gold where Ed Harris dies. An all of this somehow clears his family of being a conspirator? It really was an entertaining movie at the time… I don’t think in going to rewatch the third Pirates anytime soon. I think I was the only one who liked that movie and I want to keep it that way.

DSCF3306So moving on from crazy sequels to crazy class field trips, my British Life and Business class required various field trips around London to gather a sense of British culture outside the classroom. And what’s more British than beer? (Yeah I can think of a couple more things too, but humor me). The day of the Fullers field trip also coincided with TOMS One Day Without Shoes. So Sam and I went barefoot and receive many odd looks from the uppity residents of South Kensington and blatant disdain from our teacher. A tube ride and a bit of a walk to the brewery later, we put our TOMS back on and began the tour. First thing first, the whole class had to put on these lovely neon orange vests for our protections (probably from rogue Fullers trucks crashing intofriends us). The rest of the tour was pretty standard: hops, yeast, brewing, bottles, and shipping, nothing I hadn’t seen in Dublin or Amsterdam. And yet, the ending was so far beyond their level. The end of the tour naturally ended with a tasting, but not of just one beer. All the beers that Fullers brews. That’s IMG_2087[1]about 10 different beers on tap. So after becoming beer connoisseurs and picking a favorite, we walked along the Thames until we came to the apparently famous pub The Dove (this is according to our tour guide, whose name escapes me). After various photo shoots, a brief rain storm, a dish of nuts, a pint or two, and the locals asking us to lower our voices (oops) we continued our barefoot trek to Lloyd’s for a burger and chips. A wonderful ending to a wonderful afternoon. I’m relatively certain I was asleep by 10. Until next time,
Cheers, xx



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