“What should we do tomorrow?  The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful.”  Well, this was a no brainer: RENT CITY BIKES & ride all over Vienna.

After grocery shopping at MERKUR, we made a quick lunch before embarking on our bicycle journey.  As we acted like children sprinting away from each other on the way to Westbahnhof, I could not get over how nice the weather was.  After getting the hang of checking out the bikes, we were finally off.  Since the bikes were beach cruisers, it was a new experience for me.  Coming from a background of riding road, spin and mountain bikes, I was excited for the new challenge.  After finishing my marathon just days before, my legs were shocked not even 30 minutes into riding.  We first rode out to the 17th district where Phil grew up and saw where his uncle and grandmother were buried, his childhood hangouts, a beautiful nature preserve with hiking trails and pretty ponds, his uncle’s old house, the edge of Vienna, where he used to live (complete with the most delicious cup of coffee made by his former neighbor) then on to Donauinsel by Handelskai.  We then grabbed a Radler and spread our blanket out to catch some rays and enjoy the gorgeous remainder of the day.





We decided to take the U-Bahn home, as we were both exhausted.  By the time we got home, Phil had just enough energy to make dinner while I blogged.  We had steak and potato croquettes…so delish.

Till next time, y’all!


Renting City Bikes: It’s the Rad Thing to Do

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