Amanda and I decided to go see The Sound of Music that was playing during the month of Mai at the Volksoper in Vienna.  Before heading to the opera house, we made dinner at her flat.  As I cooked the chicken tacos and made a salad for dinner, Amanda ran to the store to grab some tortilla chips, butter and wine.  Our meal turned out delicious and we were so full after all of the crunchy chicken tacos, salad, chips, guacamole, etc.  As we headed to the Volksoper, I could not be more excited to see the majestic musical that was about to be presented right before my eyes.  Since I have never seen the movie, I was stoked.  Our seats were so good and I could see everything.  The story line was infectious and captivating.  I LOVED IT.  Next up, seeing the movie.  And maybe making it back to Salzburg to take the Sound of Music tour.


After the musical was over, we headed back on the U6 home.  I texted Phil to let him know we were going home and could not meet him to go out.  Fast forward 1.5 hours and there is a knock at my door.  I open it up and all I see is my boyfriend holding the biggest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen in my life with a really cute card being placed into my hand.  No one has thought to give me flowers so extravagant and I was shocked as could be.  And of course, it made me feel like even more of a princess than normal.  The card read:

“For the most wonderful girl in the world!  I wish you the best for the future and that every dream comes true.  I Love You xoxo Phil”

Is this a fairytale or what?  Dreams really do come true…<3



Flowers at an Unexpected Hour

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