America and Austria…They both start & end with “A” but what lies between is quite different!

When you hear about a place before you get to it, you only have an indirect impression of what to expect.  Once you arrive, you start to piece together all of the impressions and form opinions of your own about the land that is now beneath your own feet.  After being in Vienna for almost 4 months now, I have formulated some opinions of my own that I have absorbed from my surroundings.  Drum roll, please…here they are!

Austria                                America

Almost everything is closed on Sundays.  Everything is open.  Almost always.  

The hours of operation for most businesses are random.  And usually end when lunch is over.  24 hours. :p j/k

People look at me strange when I speak English.  Nobody bats an eye when I say “Hi.”

Mostly everything is in German.  Everything is in English.  And Spanish.  And sometimes a few other languages.

People bring huge bags, roller carts and suitcases all over the place.  You would not see this too often.

People know how to parallel park and drive manual cars well.  We park straight in and drive mostly automatic.

People look at me weird when I ask where to get my eyebrows waxed or a spa pedicure.  I never have to ask.

Somethings just do not translate into English.  It makes more sense to me now.

The water from the tap comes from the Alps.  The water from the tap comes from who knows where.

Coffee is served on a tray with a glass of water.  Here’s your boring cup of coffee, ma’am.

Buy your groceries before 7:30pm and Sunday.  Buy your groceries before 11pm.

Bag your own groceries, slowpoke.  Paper or plastic?  Can I bring these to your car for you?

Bitte schön.  All the time.  Insert Bitte schön here.  

Thank you, have a nice day 🙂

Smoking is very apparent here.  I hardly notice smokers due to all the non-smoking bans.  

Dressing nicely is really common.  Dressing in athletic clothes and grunge attire is the standard.

They have Austrian balls, rolling hills and the Alps.  We have hills and mountains…?

Couples show their affection daily and in a nice way.  Get a room!  And not just on V-Day…

Most Austrians have never seen the Sound of Music.  More Americans have for sure.

Beer is cheaper than water.  Water is always free…and our beer is…just alright 🙂

Rounding up to the next Euro is common.  Tipping 15-20% for good service is a must.

You can drink alcohol basically anywhere.  Don’t even think about it!

For now this is all I have conjured up.  If you have any comments, I would love to hear!  Do not forget…these are MY opinions 😉


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