TV REVIEW: The Office (U.K.)

IMG_1946[1]While you might be confused as to why I’m reviewing a television show from 10 years ago, you must understand that for my last 8 weeks in London, I interned with Film London, the capital’s film and media agency (I used that line a lot in various cover letters, school reports, and really to just sound pretentious) in the awesomely hipster-filled Tea Building in the hipster mecca of London, Shoreditch. There really isn’t a film that would go with interning and I really wanted to watch it (2 series and a Christmas Special? Killed that in 2 days). So first a bit on my internship then a bit on Tim, Gareth, Dawn, and David Brent:

IMG_1870[1]For three days a week (Wednesday through Friday), I had the excuse to complain about how tired I was (even though I chose to go to bed at 2am), how long the commute was (an hour is not even as bad as what my father does in the US), how horrendously unreliable the Tube is (I got on the wrong direction…every time), and how I can’t make coffee or tea to save my life (tried once…I’m only now revealingly it was me who made that God awful pot of coffee). But you know what? Those three days a week also got me back into Twitter, allowed me to IMG_2018[1]be published on the Home Page of the Film London website, showed that I could go 8 hours without logging onto Facebook (sometimes), supplanted my Diet Coke caffeine addiction with coffee (I can now “Grab a coffee” with someone and not order a hot chocolate in July), gave me time to write some blog posts (in the beginning…), surrounded me with lunch time hipsters at Box Park, provided me with a wealth of British Film Industry knowledge, and a sweet reference line in my resume. I may have been a little bored at times and I may not have gotten an awesome NYC internship out of it, but this was definitely something I did for my own personal development and so glad I did (especially because of the cookie jar that was magically always full and Wine Fridays).

imgresNow onto the original The Office. The first episode is almost the exact same as the U.S. version, so brilliant. And while my office experience wasn’t quite like the mid-level paper company, there were some similarities that pretty much summarize British office culture. 1) Cursing. Not a problem. 2) Drinking at the office. Not a problem (Two words: Wine. Fridays.) 3) Joking around/reading magazines/playing around on the internet. Not a problem. 4) Hitting on the receptionist. Ok, well that one wasn’t a problem because it was my first time filling in at reception and already felt like Pam Beasley (er, I mean Dawn Tinsley. This is a review of the UK version, after all). So when a dude awkwardly lingers at the desk after clocking out, I couldn’t help but imagine John Krasinski there, even though this dude was nowhere close…Yeah, this is definitely turning into a review of the U.S. version of The Office. Anyways, the UK version is still spot on hilarious and wonderfully British that it makes me want to go back…for work, not to meet my husband, I swear. Also you should watch it because Martin Freeman becomes weirdly attractive by the Christmas Special and then you remember he’s in Sherlock which makes him more attractive but then you remember he’s Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and you just don’t know how to feel about that. So until next time,




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