The Calm Before the Storm

Hey everyone,

This marked the week before finals week, and wow things are speeding up. Reality is setting in that we’ll all be leaving soon, and, at least on my part, frantic lists of all the things I’ve yet to do have been made and crammed into my schedule.

I can’t wait to really be on a plane home. It’s going to feel so surreal. Argentina, you have been a wonderful country full of character and valuable lessons, but my heart still belongs in the United States, where all my family and friends await me.

With less students at the Residencia now we’ve all become a lot more communal. If we study, we study together. If we make plans, we make them together. It’s pretty nice that we’re so intent on going through these last upcoming days as a group.

This past week I actually had two finals, a presentation, and a group project due. All of them went really well, thankfully, and it looks like I should be getting the grades I want in most of my classes :).

Well, on Monday I actually did my first real interview for my independent study paper–which I’ve been horribly procrastinating on. It was pretty cool, actually, because I had to go to the British Embassay and they made me hand over my phone/electronics and then gave me a visitor’s badge to wear inside. The man I spoke with, who was a consultant there, was pretty nice as well, and he gave me some useful information.

Beforehand I walked around a bit around Recoleta (the neighborhoold that the Embassy was located in) and took some pictures.


It definitely added to my realization that there are still so many parts of the city I haven’t seen, along with so many things I won’t get the chance to see.

Later on we went on a field trip to a detention center, which are where the Desaparecidos were kept during the military regime of the 1970’s. There are a few around the city, and they’re basically the equivalent of Holocaust concentration camps. There we saw several excovated items that were in use during the time that the center was in operation.


It was an incredible experience, and it makes me realize how important it is to really know the history and background of one’s country and so on.

Besides that, we’ve been messing around the Residencia with Elda and exchanging wild stories and getting to know her better. It’s funny how something that started out seeming like just a business arrangement/transaction really has turned into one of the classic, sentimental situations that many students often hoped for.
I truly will miss Elda with all my heart. She really is a mom to me.

Well, soon, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be buying my tickets to Salta and Jujuy, and leaving Buenos Aires until I need to fly home!

If I’m able to survive this upcoming week, I’ll let you all know how it goes :).


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