The Ice Dream party was an end of the season celebration for all who worked at Wiener Eistraum (the ice skating winter wonderland that I have talked about before).  Since Phil worked there for the season, Amanda and I were allowed to attend the behind the scenes fiesta!  It was sad to see the ice dream close down, but it was cool to go back where all of the ice skates were kept, enjoy some Ottakringer, get our faces painted with stripes and have fun!

Phil & Andi

Amanda & I

Phil & I


Allen, Brett, Mike, Amanda and I all hung out at Haus Erasmus before getting on the UBahn to Siebenhirten to take a bus to PYRAMIDE VOSENDORF, where the concert was being held.  This was one of the coolest concerts I have ever been to in my life-I loved all of the music and would have stayed till the sun came up if I could have forced my eyes to stay open.  Nicky Romero was there too as well as Cazzette and many others.  I highly recommend this to anyone!

The guys

School = Oh What Fun!

My first day at WU was pretty relaxed.  I met Amanda for lunch at the Mensa Cafe after her first class and before my first class, picked up a few school supplies then headed to my first class: Business German!  My teacher, Hannelore Scattolin is very enthusiastic and funny-I couldn’t have gotten luckier.  By my second class the following week on the way home from campus, we found each other on the UBahn and I was forced to have a five minute convo in German-it was great practice 🙂 I love WU-by the time two weeks had passed, I had already finished one class: Gender Studies and have four more to go: Business German, International Strategic Management, Principles of Marketing and Working in Teams-not bad for an exercise science major 🙂


Ice Dream Party, AVICII & School @ WU!

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